[ECOS] Runtests for i386 PC platform

Guntipalli Giribabu giri@jntu.net
Thu Oct 30 11:41:00 GMT 2003

    Could some body please tell me how to use the Run Test on i386 PC
platform. is simulator is must for this.
    is there any document which tells about how to use the Run Tests option.
    for the tests to run in the Redboot any option needs to be enabled.

    i have created one ecos os image and from Build menu i have created
library and test.
    from tools menu i ran the Run Tests.
    it opend a window in that i have set target details and tests to be
    but after giving Run command. i am not seeing anything in
output/summary page.
   where can i found the debug prints and all....

Thanks Regards

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