[ECOS] openrisc port

Heiko Panther heiko.panther@web.de
Thu Oct 30 11:36:00 GMT 2003

There were some messages in the past stating interest in having the 
openrisc port included into the mainline eCos tree. I just wanted to 
express that I would like that very much, too :)

I checked out the current CVS and applied the patch that was posted here 
by Scott Furman sometime in July. I probably don't fully understand yet, 
but there seems to be no entry in the ecos.db file for the or32 port. So 
even though the HAL part is all there, I don't see the target in 
ecosconfig. If that's all, would it be possible to include that into 
your patch, Scott?

Well, I'm going to examine the openrisc version and Robert Cragie's 
patch next.

Heiko Panther

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