[ECOS] MPC860 Quick question

Radu Cernea rc@unusus.com
Mon Oct 27 16:58:00 GMT 2003


It looks to me that the quicc_smc1.c file fits the MPC850 processor, but not
the MPC860 for the SMC2 initialization. The difference is in the pin
allocation for SMC2:

- Port B21 & B20 for MPC860
- Port A9 & A8 for MPC850

The current version of quicc_smc1.c initialize the port pins MPC850-like
(function cyg_hal_smcx_init_channel). 

My question is:
How is it better to add the MPC860 initialization version to the eCos sources?
Should I create a new file, use a conditional pre-compilation flag, orÂ…?

Also, there is a reference to a table (Table 16-39) in the quicc_smc1.c file,
but I do not know where to find it. In MPC850UM.pdf and MPC860UM.pdf, the Port
A and B configuration tables are: 34-1 and 34-6.

Thank you in advance,
Radu Cernea

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