[ECOS] EDOSK2674 GDB stub problem

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Mon Oct 27 10:32:00 GMT 2003

"Uwe Kindler" <uwe_kindler@web.de> writes:

> Hello,
> I almost finished porting to a new architecture (Renesas H8S), variant
> (H8S/2674) and platform (EDOSK2674).

How does this differ from the EDOSK2674 support that is already
present in the H8/300 HAL?

> When I build GDB stubs for the EDOSK board and use these stubs for
> debugging, then everything works fine.
> I can connect to target, upload, single step, set breakpoints and interrupt
> running programs with ctrl c. It is no
> problem to disconnect and reconnect to target.
> If I now build Redboot with GDB stubs included then debugging works fine.
> But when I disconnect from target then
> it is not possible to reconnect and I cannot communicate with Redboot with
> the CLI annymore.
> Does someone have any idea why the GDB stubs work fine outside of Redboot
> and crash when deconnecting if used inside Redboot.
> I do not have any idea and it is almost impossible to debug this.

Support for reconnecting to GDB is mainly supported by resetting the
system. Since there is no way of knowing what the application has done
to the hardware, the safest way of dealing with this is to force a
hardware reset. However, RedBoot does not do this by default, the
command "maintenance packet r" to GDB will cause RedBoot to reboot
when GDB disconnects.

There is support for newlib based applications to call an exit syscall
which should return to the RedBoot prompt. However, I don't know
whether the H8/300 support in newlib provides this.

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