[ECOS] TCP Transactions

Matt Jerdonek maj1224@yahoo.com
Fri Oct 24 16:38:00 GMT 2003


Thanks for the clarification on the sysctl.

Regarding the retransmissions ... I'm not trying to
change the retransmit interval, but I'm trying to
limit the retransmit attempts.

For example, if the retransmit interval is 1sec, then
the retransmit attempts will occur at 
1s, 2s, 4s, 8s, 16s, 32s, 64s, 64s, 64s, 64s etc ...
(12 times).

This is obviously way too long to wait for a
transaction timeout. (Imagine standing in line at a
checkout for 10 minutes for your transaction to
finish).  In my company's existing products, we limit
the TCP retry attempts to 4, which provides a more
reasonable timeout.

So, I think I need to change the TCP_MAXRXTSHIFT from
12 to another value.  Maybe I can assign this to a
global variable and use the sysctl interface to
manipulate it?

Any thoughts are appreciated,
-- Matt

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