[ECOS] Default Interrupt VSR

James Yates j.yates@quartzuk.com
Thu Oct 23 16:31:00 GMT 2003

How do I make my vector table become initialised with my default interrupt VSR. I added some code at startup to look at the memory and print out some diagnostic so I could see what the entries of the vector table were, a snippit shown below:
Vect 64, Mem at loc 0x800300 = 0x8009c0
Vect 65, Mem at loc 0x800304 = 0x8009d0
Vect 66, Mem at loc 0x800308 = 0x8009e0
Vect 67, Mem at loc 0x80030c = 0x8009f0
Vect 68, Mem at loc 0x800310 = 0x800a00
Vect 69, Mem at loc 0x800314 = 0x800a10
Vect 70, Mem at loc 0x800318 = 0x800a20
Vect 71, Mem at loc 0x80031c = 0x800a30
Vect 72, Mem at loc 0x800320 = 0x800a40
Vect 73, Mem at loc 0x800324 = 0x800a50

I would like each of these locations to reference my default VSR which is located at 0x801e8c. Do I have to fill the entries at runtime of can this be made to happen my some configuration option. I believe the reason that my apps crashes on interrupts is that it jumps to a VSR that doesn't exist. The vector table contains rubbish. So I am assuming that if I can get it to jump to my default VSR, then this should handle calling the correct ISR, if one has been attached.

		Can any help?

			James Yates

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