[ECOS] at91eb40a Timer Counter

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Thu Oct 16 04:01:00 GMT 2003

>eCos currently uses TC0 to implement its main system timer and TC2 to
>implement a microsecond delay timer. You could probably disable the
>latter, but disabling the system timer would only work if you have no
>code that needs timing services of any sort. This is fairly rare, even
>for very simple programs.  
>Nick Garnett                    eCos Kernel Architect
>http://www.ecoscentric.com      The eCos and RedBoot experts

Thank you all, who answered my last message, and now I have other questions 

In fact I really need to get the maximum free timer-counters of the board, 
since I need a pretty fast measurement rate of signals.(PWM) 

Anyone knows, wich features are compromised disabling the microsecond timer? 

So the "clock ticks" I would expect from ecos in this case would be maximum 
the MCK/2 that TC0 supports? 

And a final question, since the Interrupt model that eCos uses as the 
documentation says, is based on the ARM model, should I expect that the 
interrupt model work would be transparent from ecos code?(On the AT91EB40a). 

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