[ECOS] Redboot on AT91EB55

Roman Jordan RomanJordan@gmx.de
Wed Oct 15 21:33:00 GMT 2003

i don't know exactly what you mean.
Do you have problems using gdb on cygwin?
Before you can set the cpsr register you need to connect to target
(angel need the rdi target). This can be done using the following
target rdi
target rdi s=/dev/com1

If so, do you also have problems during the connect angel and gdb?

The best way is to try it runnig linux as host. There are some problems
using the debugger and the cygwin environment.


Am Mit, 2003-10-15 um 18.26 schrieb Gatien Gillon:
> first of all if I type the line : "(gdb) set $cpsr=0xd3" in GDB
> then the transmission on the .TEXT goes on forever (waited 5 minutes)
> without the line it transmits but when i type "cont" I an unable do to the
> ctrl-Z to suspend (using cygwin)
> If i close the windows then go to hyperterm I see nothing ...
> Thanks in advance ...

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