[ECOS] Processor Issue with i386/Redboot?

Michael Trozzo trozzo@arcor.de
Wed Oct 15 18:25:00 GMT 2003


I wrote last week about my problems creating a floppy boot image, and
have fortunately managed to work it out. Apparently, the dd command
doesn´t like it when you try to output to a network share...either that
or use rawrite (thanks, Denis).

Anyway, onto the next step of my journey.  I attempted to boot through
the floppy on a pentium 150, with the floppy set as first in the boot
sequence.  It appears not to be completing the boot process. I get a
series of dots on the screen, then a blinking cursor. After that stops,
nothing else happens.  I´ve tested this box with a Win98 boot floppy,
the Windows CDROM, and on the hard drive (which had been freshly
formatted before installing 98), and everything boots up normally. 

I then attempted to boot on a 1.4 GHz Pentium III with thw same floppy,
and after a few seconds, I got the RedBoot welcome message on screen.
Does anyone know why this would be happening? I´d really like to avoid
having to use the PIII box, since my wife uses that for her work, and
obviously my having Redboot up would take her out of action.

Mike Trozzo

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