[ECOS] eCos and eb40a capture mode

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Wed Oct 15 09:32:00 GMT 2003

"Transferencia de Archivos" <transfers@phaber.com> writes:

> Im working now on the at91eb40a target of ecos, and I'm using the cvs
> version of ecos, I have succesfully used ecos for his own things,
> until now. I have now to read an external pwm signal and I have found
> that the micro has a capture mode that does the reading almos from
> himself, I have been trying to  configure the micro using hal_write
> and as gdb says it has been done succesfully.
> the micro is the AT91R40008
> But outside, the line is i/o so I need it as an input, as my
> configuration plans to do the line must go as an input, the line never
> goes from the logic 1.
> Is ecos using the timers of the eb40a for any of his functions?
> I need some advice here.
> To be more explicit. I have configured the three timers of the R40008,
> TC0, TC1, TC2 in capture mode, so in the rising edge of  TIOA(the line
> that gets the pwm)  the TC_V is loaded in RA and the, when the falling
> edge comes, he loads the RB.
> When I cheked the physical line of the r40008 after configuring, the
> line is at logic 1!. Here's the code.

eCos currently uses TC0 to implement its main system timer and TC2 to
implement a microsecond delay timer. You could probably disable the
latter, but disabling the system timer would only work if you have no
code that needs timing services of any sort. This is fairly rare, even
for very simple programs. 

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