[ECOS] Problems with test

James Yates j.yates@quartzuk.com
Tue Oct 14 14:30:00 GMT 2003

Oops my apologies. Yes the version of gcc I am using was one that I downloaded with the latest version of eCos using the ecos-install.tcl script.

After much playing around with configurations I have discovered that if I build with -O2 specified as a Build Flag, i get a segmentation fault when building mqueue1 test. If I specifiy -O1 or no optimization this problem goes away. So for the moment I have optimization at level 1.
	This has enabled to build most tests, although some of the clock tests in Libc time have failed due to cache problems. I have no cache defined since the SH2 I am using has no on-chip cache, this has caused me problems in various areas of the tree. I have had to resort to defining the various cache related functions to asm("nop") in my variant src to save having to make changes throughout the entire source.
Is this a valid thing to do?

 I now have some tests running successfully although I have problems with signals, timers and mutex related stuff.

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> I am reasonably sure I am using the latest version of the sh-elf-gcc
> which is 3.2.1 which I downloaded from cygwin last week. Has anyone
> come across this problem, or has any ideas what could be wrong. I
> was also getting a seg fault when building snmp which is why I have
> taken networking out.

Have you tried the compiler recommended by eCosCentric? There version
has been tested with eCos and should work fine.

See http://ecos.sourceware.org/ecos/getstart.html, section toolchain.


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