[ECOS] stops at start function

mohanlal jangir mohanlaljangir@hotmail.com
Tue Oct 14 04:51:00 GMT 2003

> I want first alarm to trigger only once.
>  Second alarm i want to trigger is different from first one.
> But after my first alarm gets triggered,RTC  ISR is not called at all
> and hence tick function is not called.So there is no increment in real
> time counter and hence no trigger.
> What may be the reason for ISR not to be called?
Do you mean, when your first alarm is triggered, the ISR registered is not
called!! If I understand your query properly, I would suggest you to check
following -
1. You are registering ISR, with cyg_alarm_create
2. Make 4th and 5th argument of cyg_alarm_create "global static". (Basically
I want to make sure, that valid memory is allocated for those arguments).
3. Make sure your alarm is really triggered. Can you send the code snippet,
which is creating and initialising the alarm?


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