[ECOS] Again Big endian ARM HAL_WRITE_UINT8 problem

Roland Caßebohm roland.cassebohm@visionsystems.de
Fri Oct 10 16:28:00 GMT 2003


there is still the problem, that the HAL_WRITE_UINT8() macro
on bigendian ARM hardware does not work.

In the following message is a solution suggested, which would
be good IMO.

I don't know which platform have to use the macros for bigendian
like they are, maybe pid target? I uses the macro and can be set
to bigendian.

I would like to make a patch, but if I use a flag like 
HAL_IO_MACROS_ADDRESS_MUNGING a platform who needs the macros as
they are have to define the flag not to be broken.
Or should I define a flag like HAL_IO_MACROS_NO_ADDRESS_MUNGING
for platforms like snds which don't need the address munging?

Another discussion about this topic:



VS Vision Systems GmbH, Industrial Image Processing
Dipl.-Ing. Roland Caßebohm
Aspelohe 27A, D-22848 Norderstedt, Germany

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