[ECOS] Redboot ROMRAM images on EB55

Alan Bowman ABowman@synaptics-uk.com
Wed Oct 8 08:44:00 GMT 2003

I am trying to use Redboot on my EB55 platform, using the prebuilt binaries from the CVS tree in /ecos/images/arm/at91eb55.  I can successfully load the RAM image and drop into it, and I can load the ROM image into flash and boot into it.  However, I am having difficulties with the ROMRAM image - please can someone correct either my understanding or my process.

When running Reboot RAM, I can load the ROMRAM image to %{FREEMEMLO}, and then use fis write to write it to address 0x01000000, which I believe is the boot address of my processor following remap.  However, when I reboot (and expect to see the Redboot ROMRAM in my Hyperterminal window) I see nothing.  I cannot connect to the target using arm-elf-gdb either.

>From what I have read, I expect that Redboot should copy itself to RAM, and then continue running from there.  This does not seem to be happening (based on the lack of output from the serial port).  Please can someone point out what I might be doing wrong.

Thanks very much for your assistance

Alan Bowman

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