[ECOS] Specifying the memory map for my platform

Adrian Caceres adrian@atheros.com
Tue Oct 7 18:27:00 GMT 2003

Some more rookie questions:  Thanks in advance

a) Where is the memory configuration window?

The reference manual mentions that one should use the memory 
configuration window
in the configuration tool to create the appropiate mlt*.h and mlt*.ldi 

But I am unable to find this "memory configuration window" when I launch
the configuration tool and I see no reference to it in the configuration 
tool section
in the user guide.

b) How do I define unencacheable memory areas for my  platform?

The mlt*.h and mlt*.ldi seem to specify where the RAM and the ROM (ie. 
of the platform are.   I see no reference to cacheable/unencacheable 
in these files so I assume ecos maps them as cacheable.
 Where/how do I specify unencacheable areas my platform uses?  Os is this
mapping something that my hal_platform_routine() is supposed to do?



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