[ECOS] Stress testing JFFS2

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Tue Oct 7 13:04:00 GMT 2003

On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 12:57:00PM +0200, ?yvind Harboe wrote:
> Today stress testing JFFS2 came up on the agenda, and I wrote a small
> piece that demonstrates a problem with JFFS2 running out of space
> when it shouldn't, leaving a corrupt JFFS2 image and continuously
> allocating more ram.
> The test consists of writing lots of files that overwrite existing
> files. The total number of files is never >16.
> /config is a JFFS2 fs. 6*0x10000bytes.
> Should I expect this sort of thing to never fail and to
> reach a plateau of memory usage?

Please could you give us a complete test case. Something we can run
ourselves. Create a new bugzilla bug on bugs.ecos.sourceware.org and
include the source code and the ecos configuration you are using. 

That will make it much easier for us to see whats happening.

> Output:
> Created file 0  153284 bytes ram free
> Created file 100  149132 bytes ram free
> Created file 200  146732 bytes ram free
> Created file 300  144332 bytes ram free
> Created file 400  141932 bytes ram free
> Created file 500  139532 bytes ram free
> Created file 600  137132 bytes ram free
> Created file 700  134732 bytes ram free
> Created file 800  132332 bytes ram free
> Failed

What is failing? open, write, close?

There could actually to two things going one. A plain memory leak and
some other jffs2 problem. I would first investige the call that is
failing. Find out exactly where it fails and hence why.


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