[ECOS] second alarm not triggering

Mahesh mahesh@cranessoftware.com
Tue Oct 7 05:06:00 GMT 2003

   Sorry for not giving the details.
          I am using eCos for Arm pid target.I am using sid for printf's 
 .I am working on PC only not on board.In my code i have 5 threads being 
 created in cyg_user_start function.Alarm's are being used by the threads
 for some tasks.I am using real time clock for alarms.tick function is
 called after the scheduler is started,but once the first alarm is
 triggered,tick function is not called at all.So my second
 alarm(different from first one) is not triggering and the program is
 getting stuck.
 Plz reply for this mail.
 Thanks and Regards
 On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 13:17, Robert Cragie wrote:
 > Nothing like enough information. You can't expect any help from what you've
 > written. Give detailed examples of failing source code, target system,
 > configuration etc. etc.
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 > > Hi,
 > >    My first alarm is triggered but the second alarm is not triggering at
 > > all.After the first alarm is triggered the tick function is not called
 > > at all.What may be problem?
 > > Thanks and Regards
 > > Mahesh
 > >
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