[ECOS] AEB-1 building apps for ROM

Gabriel Seher gabriel.seher@genoqs.net
Mon Oct 6 21:07:00 GMT 2003


eCos ist entirely new ground for me, and while I was able to get a *lot* of
answers from the list archives, I still have some open ones, which may point
a single common problem. I finally decided to ask the list.

I am trying to build an application ("hello world" for now) for an AEB-1 and
have it start from FLASH, using the current tools and sources (eCos CD May
2003) on SuSE 8.2. Consulted the archives. No succcess so far. Here's what I

1. My freshly installed eCos, using the config tool and following the
instructions in the manual does not build a proper GDB stub .UU file. What I
mean is that running hello using my built GDB stub doesn't work (getting
packet errors during 'load'), while using the .UU file from the CVS
repository works just fine. Ideas?

2. After building my GDB stub in the config tool I looked at the make
output. I discovered the following:

arm-elf-objcopy -O binary src/gdb_module.ncs.img src/gdb_module.ncs.bin

produces a warning: allocated section '.bss' not in segment. The same
message appears again 6 lines later, after the next arm-elf-objcopy.

And also when I try to arm-elf-objcopy my would-like-to-start-from-FLASH
hello app.

I don't know if this is to be worried about or not, since the config tool
completes with 'build finished' and the image doesn't seem suspicious,
except for the size, which is slightly larger than the .UU in the cvs - and
of course the fact that it refuses to work properly. Has anyone seen this

Even being able to build working GDB stubs from scratch would be a nice step
forward - clearly not so much for the functionality but rather for my
understanding. I like to believe that once that's done, it's a short step to
have hello running upon power-on.



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