[ECOS] Re: Interrupts and system calls ?

Savin Zlobec savin@elatec.si
Wed Oct 1 15:03:00 GMT 2003

Eric Doenges wrote:

> Matthieu.GIRARDIN@fr.thalesgroup.com wrote:
>     Hi everybody !
>Can someone describe me exactly what are the system calls allowed during (a
>ISR or) a DSR ?
>I know that I can only use the cpu registers during the ISR but what can I
>do in my DSRs ?
>According to the documentation, you may not call any routine that could
>trigger the scheduler in an ISR. While not explicitly forbidden, I would
>also avoid calling any functions where it is not 100% clear if they are
>reentrant or not (i.e. things like malloc()). If you adhere to the eCos
>philosophy of doing all the actual work in the DSR, chances are you
>won't need to call any functions in the ISR.
>In a DSR, you may call any function except those that could block.
>I don't think there is a definitive list of what functions could block.
>Use some common sense - 

or look at the documentation - you have the 'Valid contexts' section for 
kernel API call. There is also a table for driver API calls -


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