[ECOS] porting eCos / Network Stack

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Thu Nov 27 10:43:00 GMT 2003

On Thu, Nov 27, 2003 at 10:58:30AM +0100, Richard Rauch wrote:
> Dear eCos community,
> our problem: how to get running  eCos + network stack  on Atmel 
> At91rm9200 controller?
> what we have achieved so far:
> 1 porting eCos to the Atmel At91rm9200 (=ARM922T), runs with configtools 
> default.ecc and redboot.ecc
> 2 adding ethernet driver for onboard EMAC of the At91rm9200
> 3 redboot running over ethernet (polled)
> 4 using configtools net.ecc we created eCos + network stack. When we 
> start this up with the 'twothreads.c' example,
>   we get the following debug print:
> Init device '/dev/ttydiag'
> Init tty channel: 20035a2c
> Init device '/dev/haldiag'
> HAL/diag SERIAL init
> Network stack using 65536 bytes for misc space
>                     65536 bytes for mbufs
>                     131072 bytes for mbuf clusters
> [cyg_net_init] Init: mbinit(0x00000000)
> [cyg_net_init] Init: cyg_net_init_devs(0x00000000)
> Init device 'emac_eth0'
> [cyg_net_init] Init: loopattach(0x00000000)
> [cyg_net_init] Init: ifinit(0x00000000)
> IFP: 0x20034e34, next: 0x20083ba0
> IFP: 0x20083ba0, next: 0x00000000
> [cyg_net_init] Init: domaininit(0x00000000)
> [cyg_net_init] Init: cyg_net_add_domain(0x20035744)
> New domain internet at 0x00000000
> [cyg_net_init] Init: cyg_net_add_domain(0x20035230)
> New domain route at 0x00000000
> [cyg_net_init] Init: cyg_route_init(0x00000000)
> [cyg_net_init] Done
> ...... now the twothreads.c example is running properly but the network 
> thread is sleeping ....
> P R O B L E M:  the eth_drv_start() function is never called. Why?
> That function will enable the network interrupts of the EMAC, so it is 
> urgently needed to be called somewhen.

Have you made any modification to twothreads.c? Like do you call


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