[ECOS] RE : [ECOS] Is JFFS2 thread-safe?

Vincent Catros Vincent.Catros@elios-informatique.fr
Thu Nov 27 09:12:00 GMT 2003

Hello David,

And thank you for your answer.

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> The core JFFS2 code is thread safe, assuming the Linux semaphore and
> spinlock primitives are correctly translated into eCos mutexes and
> preemption blocks. The bit that I haven't paid much attention to
> locking is the inode cache handling in fs-ecos.c.
> In fact, I suspect that is actually OK because we set the
> CYG_SYNCMODE_FILE_FILESYSTEM flag and hence the fileio layer ensures
> that only one file system method is invoked at a time. It would be
> better to do our own locking and drop that flag though, since it makes
> coordinating the locking with gcthread.c a little nicer.

If I understand, JFFS2 should be thread safe, but this has never been
tested since multual access is avoided by fileio layer when using

Am I wrong?



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