[ECOS] Why the "GO" command can not execute the application?

zheng wujun wj_zheng10@hotmail.com
Thu Nov 27 07:15:00 GMT 2003

Hi, all

I find out the load bug of redboot :
    After  loading  elf file, by using the "x" command  we can find that the 
memory region of download just only    contains an elf header, the other 
region else filled with all zero. On the other hand, after loading a bin 
file with option "-r" ,  the memory region is filled with the  binary codes 
as same as the original bin file.

So, we just  load the bin file of hello under redboot, and using the GO 
command to execute it. There is something wrong displaying on screen like 
this "$T0a0f:86000000;0d:80060200;#17".

All of these happened on the snds platform, and we built redboot with ROM 
version and application with RAM.

BTW, the application hello which we built with  ROM version can run very 
well on snds target board without redboot. Why ? Hope to get the answer from 

Best Regards

--WJ Zheng

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