[ECOS] Why the application run on redboot uncorrectly?

xie boyan xieboyan@hotmail.com
Thu Nov 27 01:53:00 GMT 2003

> > > I download the hello elf file by using command:
> > >     load -v -h MyHost -m tftp /tftpboot/hello
> > > and it failed by displaying "Abort! Attempt to load ELF data to 
> > > 0x00020000 which
> > > is not  in RAM."
> >
> > A little logical thinking is required. "is not in RAM" probably means
> > its trying to load it into ROM. So you have probably built a ROM
> > app. Try building a RAM application.
> >
> >      Andrew
>But for the snds platform if nothing is changed 0x20000 is RAM. It should
>be right.
>Maybe RedBoot is a RAM version?

Hi, Roland

My RedBoot is exactly the ROM version and my application is definitely the 
RAM version. I have read some earlier archives in mailing list, the same 
issue occured but it seems not have a final answer.
This especially seems to be a problem of snds eval board, mybe you can find 
out some bugs in the redboot source in the package?

I've tried to enforce the base=0x300000 in the entry of function 
load_elf_image() whithin the source file load.c in the redboot source 
directory, and the command
      RedBoot> load -v -h MyHost_IP -m tftp /tftpboot/hello
works out. It looks all right because of the screen messages are OK, 
especially the memory size which contain the downloaded elf codes exactly 
equal to the original elf file size in host. I think this means that the 
source of redboot has at least a load base address bug.

The first problem, i.e. the elf load, has been resolved by temporarily 
enforcing base=0x300000, but another problem comes up. When I do "GO" 
command, the application hello still does not say "Hello !".

--Xie Boyan

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