[ECOS] file acces control (FTP, JFFS2)

Vincent Catros Vincent.Catros@elios-informatique.fr
Wed Nov 26 10:54:00 GMT 2003


I'm trying to implement a FTP server on our eCos target.
I would like to offer some file access control.

I know that eCos is not "user aware".

My first idea was to use a login/password file to check identity of the
FTP client and then, use fchown and fchmod to set owners and rights, and
use fstat to get owners and rights.

Unfortunatly I saw that fchmod and fchown are not implemented both at OS
level and JFFS2 level (the file system I use).

Do you think it's hard to implement this functions?
What are traps?

Is there an other "way" to provide file access control?



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