[ECOS] Re: Building Microwindows without CYGPKG_NET as a linked application

Savin Zlobec savin@elatec.si
Tue Nov 25 08:44:00 GMT 2003

Andrew Lunn wrote:

 >On Tue, Nov 25, 2003 at 10:10:49AM +1300, jamesn wrote:
 >> Hi
 >> I'm building Ecos for a LEON target with the Microwindows package.
 >> I've added a new option to microwindows.cdl specifiying screen driver,
 >> null keyboard and null mouse. Eveything seems to be working as it
 >> should, the library is building and linking with my application and
 >> framework.
 >> The problem is that I only have 512K bytes of space on the target
 >> hardware and my present image with MW and NET package is around 640K 
 >> When building without NW and NET package the image is around 220K bytes.
 >> Looking at the memory map file (with a kludged target.ld), it seems to
 >> me that a large part of this overhead is the tcpip support and the
 >> net_bsd_tcpip package in general.
 >> I do not need microwindows to work in the X-client/server model -
 >> calling the nano api routines directly (linked application?) would be
 >> acceptable. Is this where the requirement for the NET package comes 
 >I suggest you look at http://microwindows.censoft.com. It describes
 >the architecture etc and will probably give you general instructions
 >on configuration etc. You then need to modify it into eCos terms.
 >Another option might be to use the lwip stack which is much
 >smaller. It has been reported to work, but networking is slow.

And look at http://home.twcny.rr.com/embedded/microwin/links.html - eCos
port link.
I never tried it myself, but it states that it uses mqueue instead of
loopback TCP/IP socket
and it has a display driver for synthetic target (although doing it with
qvfb is much nicer).


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