[ECOS] Re: v850 Redboot question

Savin Zlobec savin.zlobec@email.si
Sat Nov 22 09:12:00 GMT 2003

fukuy wrote:

> Hi,
>  I am trying to port Redboot on v850 evaluation board. This board is
> similar to CEB V850E/MA1 board. Somehow I build redboot.elf file, and
> I installed the Redboot image on this target board.
>  But it stopped "Intialize hardware" section in vectors.S. its line
> in vectors.S is as follows,
>  jarl  _cyg_hal_hardware_init,r31
>  When I examined closely, it stopped cyg_hal_plf_serial_init() function 
> in hal_diag.c. By GDB, it stopped in other line.(drv_api.c)
>  What do I do to run redboot on this board ?
>  Thanks a lot for your help
> ---
> fukuy@mue.biglobe.ne.jp
>  $ v850-elf-gdb ./install/bin/redboot
>  ...
>  (gdb) target sim
>  (gdb) load

[ ... ]

As far as I know the gdb v850 simulator target is just a v850 core instruction
simulator and can't be used with programs that interact with hardware.

As for the RedBoot I posted some patches to make it run on CEB v850SA1/SB1
on ecos-patches march 2003 list, but I think that if you started from that
target than there is some more work to do to make RedBoot and eCos run on
v850E/MA1 based boards. 



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