[ECOS] [eCos] SMP boards

hjcho hjcho@vt.edu
Fri Nov 21 18:38:00 GMT 2003


IÂ’m Hyeonjoong Cho, a Ph.D student in Virginia Tech. We decide to use eCos for
our project and we are looking for an appropriate hardware to run eCos.

Our project is about the scheduling algorithm in multi-processor environment.
So we are looking for SMP-board with 3 or morethan 3 CPU's to run eCos. It 
will be better that that board is guaranteed stable to run eCos. We donÂ’t care 
which processor is on that
board. The technical document for SMP will be also helpful for us.

Can you give me some information about that?
Thank you in advance.

Hyeonjoong Cho
ECE, Vriginia Tech.

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