[ECOS] Sending Raw Ethernet packets (ether_output, ether_output_frame, __enet_send ?)

Sebastien Couret sebastien.couret@elios-informatique.fr
Thu Nov 20 17:22:00 GMT 2003


I.m on my way to write a DHCP server for eCOS, but right now i.m stuck while trying to send an ethernet packet directly to an host (my DHCP client) which has, at first, only ethernet connectivity and is only reachable through network  via its MAC address(Let.s call it 0xde:0xad:0x00:0xbe:0xef:0x00) because IP adressing is not set.

I have choosed to use the FreeBSD TCP/IP stack port for eCOS.

And when trying to send such a packet with socket API and parameters PF_INET,SOCK_RAW, i.m not able to act on the ethernet header so , I cannot make ethernet destination adress point to 0xde:0xad:0x00:0xbe:0xef:0x00 and sendto() seems to only accept sockaddr_in targets.

So i have seek a another raw API to write ethernet packets directly . (Of course this API should be generic and not driver dependent )

I have found ether_output, ether_output_frame, __enet_send  but I cannot use them from my application because they are not compiled into the eCOS library , I have generated, and the linkage fails ...

May be , I don.t take the right approach... It should be simple ...

So to resume, my question is :

Could someone tell me how (a code example would be perfect !) , I could act , from my eCOS application , onto the ethernet header of a packet I.m going to send ? (In my case, I just which to change the destination MAC address)

Thanks a lot for your help.

Have a nice day.

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