[ECOS] [Fwd: TR : Sending Raw Ethernet packets (ether_output, ether_output_frame, __enet_send ?)]

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Wed Nov 19 20:48:00 GMT 2003

> So i have seek a another raw API to write ethernet packets directly .
> (Of course this API should be generic and not driver dependent )
> I have found ether_output, ether_output_frame, __enet_send  but I cannot
> use them from my application because they are not compiled into the eCOS
> library , I have generated, and the linkage fails ...

ether_output, ether_output_frame etc do exist, but have the name
cyg_ether_output, cyg_ether_output_frame etc. Take a look at
install/include/sys/param.h for an explanation.


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