[ECOS] EDOSK-2674 ethernet drivers -TCP problem

Uwe Kindler ukindler@HTWM.De
Wed Nov 19 14:06:00 GMT 2003


i buildet the Redboot image for the EDOSK-2674 platform including
ethernetdrivers for the onboard SMSC LAN91C96 chip.
The ping command works fine an so I tried to connect GDB via Remote/TCP. But
the connection does not work. In the gdb console is printed: Ignorig packet
error and continuing.

When I analyze the net traffic with Packetyzer and follow the TCP stream, i
can see the following:


>From the EDOSK-board is only the "RedBoot>0" part.

When I look into the TCP part of the "RedBoot>0" packet then the ckecksum is

tcp.checksum = Checksum: 0x442d (incorrect, should be 0x342d)

Is there a bug within the TCP part of the Redboot stand alone stack or does
it look like a bug within
the ethernet device driver or did i missed a configuration option?

Regards, Uwe

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