[ECOS] Re: Linker files for AT91EB40A

eibach@gdsys.de eibach@gdsys.de
Tue Nov 18 09:33:00 GMT 2003


first of all, please try to get your mailing list access working, so anyone can benefit from your experiences.
I suppose you are using ECOS-2.0 installed directly by the install scripts. This does not support the EB40A but only the EB40.

Have a look at

If you don't have CVS access (just like me :( ), try downloading an actual snapshot from 
http://www.ecoscentric.com/ (it's hidden in DevZone/Snapshots).

Also very helpful for getting the system up and running is 


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Subject: Linker files for AT91EB40A (18-Nov-2003 10:13)
From:    ricardo_andrino@web.de
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Hallo, I have seen you in ecos-discuss.You are working with AT91EB40A.I am in this foro too but when i want to send an email, comes an error, that's why i write you directly.
I have installed the ecos on my Linux host but I have noticed that in the folder /packages/hal/arm/at91/eb40 there is eb40 and no eb40A.I don't Know the files that i have to change to configured correctly the memory layout(.h,.ldi,.mlt).I want to download the files onto the Flash memory.
Thank you very much

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