[ECOS] EDB7312(ARM720T) interrupts

Aaron Case aaron.case@dynazign.com
Mon Nov 17 15:57:00 GMT 2003


For purposes of updating the list I see now why it didnt work. I used the
interrupt vector instead of the handle in the cyg_interrupt_attach() call.
Refer to the bogus code I posted in the previous listing. Opps.

Aaron Case

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On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 05:07:29PM -0500, Aaron Case wrote:
> Gary,
> Many thanks, that cleared up my understanding of eCos interrupts a great
> deal.  Although, I still cant seem to achieve software connectivity with
> eCos interrupt model.
> While testing my interrupt code I have observed that I can assert bits in
> the interrupt status register by sending characters to a UART. As well as
> enabling them with cyg_interrupt_unmask() call(see below).
> I, however, have not be able to get the ISR(and thus DSR) to execute(via
> break points with my MAJIC ICE).
> In the case of the UART1 RX interrupt, I can send a character, verify its
> arrival at the buffer and FIFO, but no ISR or DSR is executed. Im assuming
> the problem is my software configuration(which is REALLY close to the
> text).  See code below.

I don't see anywhere in your code where you program the serial chip to
actually enable it to generate interrupts. Also, does eCos provide a
serial driver for this chip? If so, that driver may already have the


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