[ECOS] A few quesion about mods ...

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Sun Nov 16 14:20:00 GMT 2003

Sorry for the delay in response my machine lost it's mind and I found
it easier to reload than repair.

Greg Holdren wrote:
>>Second question deals with networking. I didn't see any references to
>>the AT91 & networking and I'm going to be adding the 'packet whacker'
>>board (RTL8019, later an AX88796) does anyone have a reference to
>>work done adding networking to an ECOS package?
> The driver for the Cirrus Logic CS8900 is in the tree. This is what other
> EB40 users have used for the network interface on this board.
> I picked up a 3.3V version CS8900-CQ3 to this but havnt got around to
> putting it on mine yet. Lineo (sp) made a EB40 like board with the CS8900 on
> it with extra memory, BTW.

Excellent! Makes my job much easier for the port of the RTL8019, the
AX88976 and later our custom board with the AX88976 chip.

I didn't know about the Lineo board I'll take a look. Thanks!

> I picked up my module up from http://www.edtp.com/

That's where I got my RTL8019 board (the Packet Whacker) they have
an AX88976 board in the works but if that takes too long I'll just
get the PIC or AVR board with the AX88976 on it. A little more
expensive but it's a one off.

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