[ECOS] Problem with eCos debugging

Heiko Panther heiko.panther@web.de
Thu Nov 13 09:52:00 GMT 2003

My eCos platform is OpenRisc. We have ported the OpenRisc Reference 
Platform (ORP) to a different FPGA development board, so I created a 
Platform HAL based on Scott Furman's ORP HAL. I've got eCos up, 
multitasking is running. I have a serial port and can exchange commands 
with RedBoot through a terminal app (although these commands mostly 
don't work). I can place a breakpoint() call in my code, and I can then 
attach gdb and find that it stopped at breakpoint().

However, the gdb backtrace is empty. Sometimes there is only frame#0, 
sometimes there is a frame#1 called "??". Stepping does not work.

What could be broken, and where should I look? Should it be possible to 
attach gdb without the breakpoint()?


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