[ECOS] OpenRISC Support

Bill Cox bill@viasic.com
Wed Nov 12 14:01:00 GMT 2003


Sorry about this novice post...  I haven't followed this group, and I'm 
sure supporting a new architecture is a complex process.  However...

I saw some posts on the OpenRISC forum about getting official support 
from eCos.  I think it's time to take OpenRISC very seriously.

I've been talking to various people at different companies about emedded 
uPs.  ARM licenses are quite expensive, although users who do get it 
seem to be happy.  Other cores can be OK, but the good ones also cost 
real money.  Just due to the very high prices for good uP cores, I think 
the ASIC community is ready to jump on-board with something like 
OpenRISC in a big way.  The #1 reservation I hear about using it (other 
than the stability of the core itself) is stable real-time OS support.

If I were building an expensive ASIC, and I could afford an ARM core, I 
could probably afford a commercial RTOS.  I think that OpenRISC users, 
on the other hand, are desperate for something like official eCos 
support.  I think together, eCos on OpenRISC could cause quite a stir.


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