[ECOS] Newbie: mirowindow help

Oscar martinos72@libero.it
Wed Nov 12 11:08:00 GMT 2003

Hi all,
i'm trying to run Microwindows demo "World" on my custom board (with pxa255
ARM processor), but i can't undersatand what happen.
I've written an appropriate lcd_support.c (with only lcd_init(),lcd_clear()
and lcd_get_info()), modify my "CDL" file and built. That's fine!! I
downloaded the .elf on my board and run, this is the GDB console message:
[cyg_net_init] Init: mbinit(0x00000000)
[cyg_net_init] Init: cyg_net_init_devs(0x00000000) [cyg_net_init] Init:
loopattach(0x00000000) [cyg_net_init] Init: ifinit(0x00000000)
IFP: 0x0011f120, next: 0x00000000
[cyg_net_init] Init: domaininit(0x00000000)
[cyg_net_init] Init: cyg_net_add_domain(0x0008e51c)
New domain internet at 0x00000000
[cyg_net_init] Init: cyg_net_add_domain(0x0008d03c)
New domain route at 0x00000000
[cyg_net_init] Init: call_route_init(0x00000000)
[cyg_net_init] Done
data index = 4
Creating system threads
Creating Nano-X server thread
Creating Nano-WX thread
Creating World demo thread
Starting threads
Starting Nano-X server
Starting Nano-WM
IPAQ_Open - Can't open keyboard!
320x240x65536 linelen 640 type 1 bpp 16
Error 2 opening touch panel
Cannot initialise mouse
'fgets': 0 bytes in 0.05ns
'fread': 0 byte in 0.02ns
'read': 0 byte in 0.01ns

I only can see the LCD turn ON and became black.
My hardware haven't got mouse,keyboard and touch pannel.
Could you help me to understand where my system fail and what represent


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