[ECOS] HAL architecture question

Dinesh Kumar mljangir@yahoo.co.in
Wed Nov 12 05:26:00 GMT 2003

I am little confused about HAL architecture. The
directory "hal" contains many subdirectories (arm,
common, i386, powerpc and many more).
Is subdirectory "common" used by all other

Now the subdirectory "arm" contains more
sub-subdirectories (integrator etc, similarly powerpc
subdirectory also). AFAIK sub-subdirectory
"integrator" is a target board having ARM 920t
processor plus a particular configuration of other
devices or peripherals. While in subdirectory powerpc,
I see sub-subdirectory like mpc8260, which is a
processor. My question is sub-subdirectories represent
an processor architecture or a target board?
Considering an example, I have a proprietary target
board having MPC8260 processor. For porting eCos over
that board, where my HAL source should go?


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