[ECOS] Question regarding eCos license

Suheel Hussain suheelh@nc.rr.com
Mon Nov 10 00:06:00 GMT 2003


It helps that I/client does not have to publish application code. This is a 
main contention in Linux -- specially with SCO's suit against Linksys!


Gary Thomas wrote:

> On Sun, 2003-11-09 at 16:43, Suheel Hussain wrote:
>>I am an embedded system consultant who evaluates OS for clients. Frequently 
>>I am asked to suggest real-time OS for client's project. In future I want to 
>>suggest eCos as an option to commercial OSs and Linux.
>>I have few questions:
>>1.  Do I have to give eCos source code to the client? Same for RedBoot?
>>2.  Does client have to mention -- say in their product literature -- that
>>     their product is built on eCos?
>>3.  If I tweak eCos to get better real-time response, etc. Am I required to
>>     post this change on discussion list, etc.?
> eCos is covered by a modified GPL license.  Most of your questions are
> answered in http://ecos.sourceware.org/license-overview.html
> In particular:
> (1) - yes.  The client has as much right to the eCos sources, including
> any changes you make to the eCos codebase, as you do.
> (2) - no.  There is no "publicize" requirement.
> (3) - yes.  If you make changes to the eCos sources, including additions
> which end up in the "main" eCos tree, those changes are covered by the GPL
> and must be published.  You would not have to actually send them to us, but
> the effect is the same, they must be made public with no additional constraints
> placed on them.
> Note: the exception clause that we have in the license *does* allow you to
> add code/value when using eCos and not make that code public.  In other words,
> you can create an application which uses the eCos kernel, but the application
> code itself is not automatically covered by the GPL.

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