[ECOS] Question regarding eCos license

Suheel Hussain suheelh@nc.rr.com
Sun Nov 9 23:43:00 GMT 2003

I am an embedded system consultant who evaluates OS for clients. Frequently 
I am asked to suggest real-time OS for client's project. In future I want to 
suggest eCos as an option to commercial OSs and Linux.

I have few questions:
1.  Do I have to give eCos source code to the client? Same for RedBoot?
2.  Does client have to mention -- say in their product literature -- that
     their product is built on eCos?
3.  If I tweak eCos to get better real-time response, etc. Am I required to
     post this change on discussion list, etc.?

I would appreciate any help.


Suheel Hussain

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