[ECOS] New user question

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Thu Nov 6 16:43:00 GMT 2003

On Thu, Nov 06, 2003 at 09:32:19AM -0600, Richardson, Anthony wrote:
> > Andrew Lunn wrote:
> > On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 07:53:11AM -0600, Richardson, Anthony wrote:
> > > The problem is that I don't seem to have the "target sim" available
> > > in gdb:
> > 
> > The sim target is only available for a few processor types. i386 is
> > not one of them. 
> > 
> > Look at the appendix in 
> > http://ecos.sourceware.org/docs-latest/user-guide/ecos-user-guide.html
> > 
> > It lists a number of architecture simulators. Or consider using linux
> > sythn target,
> Thanks for responding.  I decided to try to use the TX39 simulator.
> But apparently I need to build the build tools for that?  Is there
> a recommended simulator that uses one of the supplied build tool sets?

What platform are you on? If linux i'd actually suggest using the
linux target. Its not a simulator, rather a synthetic target which
runs as a process on Linux.

Is you are on M$, then sorry, i don't know. I've not used simulators


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