[ECOS] Copyright assignment

Eric Doenges Eric.Doenges@DynaPel.com
Thu Nov 6 13:04:00 GMT 2003

Jonathan Larmour wrote:

[ ... ]

> The new mechanism has been agreed in principle. All that remains is 
> coming up with some satisfactory wording for the public declaration bit 
> (if you remember that).

[ ... ]

> Write a dated letter saying you withdraw your assignment request. Unless 
> they can present you an assignment contract (and the terms of assignment 
> say they must return a counter-signed one to you) signed and dated by 
> them prior to that letter, then your letter takes precedence. Until it 
> is counter-signed it has no legal force. Sorry for the hassle, but 
> unfortunately we aren't responsible for Red Hat, and we have been making 
> efforts to change the situation, but the FSF legal department is also 
> quite distracted at the moment with the SCO stuff I guess :-|.
> We should be able to put in a temporary "fix" shortly at least as Nick 
> said. The decision on this was only taken earlier in the week.

Well, I've just received an answer from Amy, and it seems that both my
physical and electronic mail somehow got lost in transit (and I always
thought the postal service was reliable), I've resent the copyright
assignment to RedHat in physical form, so hopefully the issue will have
resolved itself (for me, at least =8^) later next week or the week after
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