[ECOS] Re: Flash device interface

Savin Zlobec savin.zlobec@email.si
Wed Nov 5 11:16:00 GMT 2003

Roland Caßebohm wrote:

>Hi again,
>I'm just trying to use the flash device interface (/dev/flash1) 
>for accessing flash, but if I write to flash with write() I get
>an "I/O error".
>The problem seems to be, that flashiodev_bwrite() does not erase
>the region before programming it. I also think about a possibility
>to write regions, which are not block aligned.
>Maybe the function calls flash_erase() and flash_program() block
>by block and for the first and the last block which are not block
>aligned, it first makes a copy of the current flash content,
>replaces the to be written data in this copy and programs the copy
>I also want to use flash_read() instead of directly read the flash.
>Then it should work with flashes with indirect access too.
> Any suggestions?


you can take a look at the work I've done on FAT fs. It includes
a block cache and access library and a simple disk drivers framework.
It was written to support CF cards, but the block access is pretty generic.



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