[ECOS] Driver initialisation

Satish Kumar satish@bvt.sc.sanyo.co.jp
Wed Nov 5 00:53:00 GMT 2003

     Could some one explain how the device driver modules get loaded and 
initialised in eCos..i have developed a basic audio-interface module
driver on eCos, and a test program which uses I/O Sub-System API
functions to open the device and start sending the data...now i have
included this in my redboot configuration file and have built the
redboot image.
                when i try loading the testprogram on to my target board
i get some "loading offset" problem..i m not even able to test a simple
Hello world program for that matter...

  well, previously with out including this package, all my other basic
test programs were working fine, but after adding the audio-interface 
module driver package..nothin seems to work fine..

   what could be the problem..?

Satish Kumar <satish@bvt.sc.sanyo.co.jp>

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