[ECOS] EB40A: Using only port 1 in redboot

eibach@gdsys.de eibach@gdsys.de
Tue Nov 4 06:56:00 GMT 2003


> Is there a way to compile redboot for using only one
> port (second port) as console in redboot for a EB40A
> derivative build.

Sure. Go to configtool. Turn "Redboot ROM monitor->Build Redboot ROM ELF image->Allow RedBoot to use any I/O channel for its console." to False.
Then set "eCos HAL->ARM architecture->Atmel AT91 variant HAL-> Atmel EB40A eval board HAL->Debug serial port" to "1". While you are there you can set "Console/GDB serial port baud rate" to a higher value if you like (maybe 115200). (You can use that baudrate with gdb by the command "set remotebaud xxx".)
After the changes safe, compile and flash it. Have fun.


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