[ECOS] Memory Layout of Samsung SNDS.....??

RandyLin@mxic.com.tw RandyLin@mxic.com.tw
Tue Nov 4 02:17:00 GMT 2003

I am working on customize board which base on Samsung SNDS.
I try to port redboot on target, but I have some questions.....
In mlt_arm_snds_rom.ldi
    ram : ORIGIN = 0, LENGTH = 0x1000000
    rom : ORIGIN = 0x1800000, LENGTH = 0x80000
I am confused, why rom locate at 0x1800000? not 0x0?
after arm reset, it run code from 0x0, right?
can anyone explain this for me?

I assume the mlt_arm_snds_rom.ldi is not correct, so I modify:
    ram : ORIGIN = 0x2000000, LENGTH = 0x1000000
    rom : ORIGIN = 0, LENGTH = 0x80000
    SECTION_rom_vectors (rom, 0, LMA_EQ_VMA)
    SECTION_text (rom, ALIGN (0x1), LMA_EQ_VMA)
    SECTION_fini (rom, ALIGN (0x4), LMA_EQ_VMA)
    SECTION_rodata (rom, ALIGN (0x4), LMA_EQ_VMA)
    SECTION_rodata1 (rom, ALIGN (0x4), LMA_EQ_VMA)
    SECTION_fixup (rom, ALIGN (0x4), LMA_EQ_VMA)
    SECTION_gcc_except_table (rom, ALIGN (0x4), LMA_EQ_VMA)
    SECTION_fixed_vectors (ram, 0x2000020, LMA_EQ_VMA)
    SECTION_data (ram, 0x2020000, FOLLOWING (.gcc_except_table))
    SECTION_bss (ram, ALIGN (0x4), LMA_EQ_VMA)
    CYG_LABEL_DEFN(__heap1) = ALIGN (0x8);
also modify mlt_arm_snds_rom.h, hal_platform_setup.h
I burn into flash and see the LED lights,
but program hang on set_debug_comm(CYGNUM_CALL_IF_SET_COMM_ID_EMPTY);
any suggestion?

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