[ECOS] Redboot DHCP

John Newlin jnewlin@rawbw.com
Mon Nov 3 21:28:00 GMT 2003

In bootp.c there is a line like so:

static const unsigned char dhcpRequestOption[] = {52,1,3};

Just curious if this is what the Author intended.  52 is the Option
override command.  53 seems somewhat more sensible, being the DHCP
Discover option.

I'm not familiar with Option override does, so I am probably wrong.

Also, our DHCP server here seems to want more in the Options.  I have not
narrowed it down to the smallest set yet, but the following options seem
to make it happy:

53 - Discover
61 - Client Id (MAC Address, should it need this?)
55 - Parameter List


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