[ECOS] problems in sending and receiving packets

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Thu May 29 20:33:00 GMT 2003

"mohanlal jangir" <mohanlaljangir@hotmail.com> writes:

> I have been facing problems in sending and receiving packets with eCos. I
> have booted one Intelx86 machine with RedBoot. At RedBoot prompt, I executed
> following command:
> ip_address -l
> After this if I ping to above address from some machine, I do receive echo
> replies. Later I load the eCos image with one application using
> i386-elf-gdb(from another Intelx86 machine) and executed follwing command at
> gdb prompt:
> target remote
> then I load the image using *load* command at gdb prompt. Interface
> initialisation goes fine. But the application fails to bind to address
> When I ping to from some other machine, I receive echo reply. I
> am wondering, who is replying? eCos or RedBoot !!! Even if I try to send any
> packet using ether_output_frame, where I build entire packet including
> ethernet header, packet is  not going out. I am able to get a valid pointer
> through function ifunit for eth0. I am not able to receive any packets
> either. I am purplexed what is happening. Can somebody explain this? Thanks
> in advance.

RedBoot and eCos cannot use the same IP address. To allow you to debug
eCos apps over the network, incoming packets are sorted in the low
level drivers and passed either to eCos or RedBoot. It uses the
destination IP address for this.

My usual approach is to let RedBoot acquire its address via DHCP and
to configure eCos with a statically bound address.

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