[ECOS] RedBoot for Intel IXP425 platform

eric_sy_huang@wneweb.com.tw eric_sy_huang@wneweb.com.tw
Thu May 29 12:34:00 GMT 2003

Dear gurus:

  I have a question about Intel XScale IXP425 platform.
  Once I can find the RedBoot_ROM.bin in the web site which provided by Intel...
And I try to install it to the target board and run well.
  According to the RedBoot-document, Intel XScale IXP425 Network Processor
support PCI, Ethernet and flash. Well, if I use the
 evaluation board, the PCI and Ethernet would be work perfectly during booting
  But if I don't use PCI and Ethernet card ( such as Intel i82559 ), the
Ethernet wouldn't work during RedBoot booting period until linux kernel
  was loaded (because Intel provide ixp428_eth driver ).
  My question is, how can I do in RedBoot package, and how to configure it to
enable ethernet function without ethercard?
  I guess, it must to setup something such as MII interface in  the XScale
Network processor ... right? But I have no idea to do so.
 Please give me a hint.



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