[ECOS] problems in sending and receiving packets

mohanlal jangir mohanlaljangir@hotmail.com
Thu May 29 12:19:00 GMT 2003

I have been facing problems in sending and receiving packets with eCos. I
have booted one Intelx86 machine with RedBoot. At RedBoot prompt, I executed
following command:
ip_address -l
After this if I ping to above address from some machine, I do receive echo
replies. Later I load the eCos image with one application using
i386-elf-gdb(from another Intelx86 machine) and executed follwing command at
gdb prompt:
target remote
then I load the image using *load* command at gdb prompt. Interface
initialisation goes fine. But the application fails to bind to address
When I ping to from some other machine, I receive echo reply. I
am wondering, who is replying? eCos or RedBoot !!! Even if I try to send any
packet using ether_output_frame, where I build entire packet including
ethernet header, packet is  not going out. I am able to get a valid pointer
through function ifunit for eth0. I am not able to receive any packets
either. I am purplexed what is happening. Can somebody explain this? Thanks
in advance.

Mohanlal Jangir

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