[ECOS] fileio tests fail in a catch 22 situation ?!?

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Wed May 28 17:10:00 GMT 2003

robin_singh@gmx.net writes:

> Greetings. 
> The io/fileio/socket.c and io/fileio/select.c tests are failing on my 
> architecture in a 
> mysterious manner. 
> I am using the FreeBSD stack and eCos v2.0 (latest) 

[snip problem description]

> If this is the case, then the eCos tests supplied are incorrectly
> associating the 
> socket with the loopback address but should in fact use INADDR_ANY
> instead (this works for me!) 

Indeed. I suspect that this is a difference between the way the
loopback interface is brought up in the OpenBSD stack and the FreeBSD
stack. Probably something to do with the way routing tables or
interface addresses are set up.

I would expect that the FreeBSD stack is doing the right thing and
that the tests should be changed to bind to INADDR_ANY and then
connect to

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